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What are the symptoms of dry eyes? 

Dry eyes can be caused by too little tear production, but by far most commonly due to clogged meibomian glands in the eyelids that produce the oily layer of the tears which prevent evaporation allowing your tears to lubricate long enough to last between blinks. 

People with dry eyes may experience burning, sandy/gritty eyes, a feeling of something in their eyes, excess watering, tired eyes, light sensitivity, strain from prolonged near work, contact lens discomfort, chronic bloodshot and fluctuating vision. Advanced dry eyes may damage the cornea, causing pain and impaired vision, sometimes permanently.

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What causes dry eyes? 

The cause of dry eye remains unclear though some known risk factors include older age, female gender, smoking, hormone-replacement therapy, and environmental factors such as low humidity. Prolonged exposure to displays on electronic devices leads to reduced blink rate, medication side effects, contact lens wear and previous eye surgery can also cause dry eyes. The meibomian glands in the eyelid most commonly (85% of dry eyes) get clogged and decrease production of the most important part of our tears… the oily layer.  


Treatment Results 

85% of patients who have received Equinox Light Therapy report noticeable improvements after just 1 application. 

According to Dr. Reese, patients with moderate to severe symptoms may have to undergo multiple session that can be spaced 1-2 weeks apart to ensure better, longer-lasting results. After your consultation, Dr Reese will recommend a treatment strategy to help ensure a great outcome. 

Additional Benefits of Equinox Light Therapy

  • Stimulates collagen production 
  • Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles and plumps the skin 
  • Reverses sun damage 
  • Reduces spider veins / rosacea 
  • Reduces acne 
  • Heals wounds faster and reduces chronic pain 
  • Treats eyelid infections 
  • Treats and prevents styes 
  • Improves contact lens wear comfort 
  • Reduces ocular symptoms of Sjogren’s 
  • Improves outcomes for Lasik and cataract surgery 


What is it?   

Developed by NASA initially for wound therapy, near infrared light therapy became popular in dermatology. When used to treat rosacea, it was found to be effective at reducing dry eyesEquinox LED Light Therapy uses specially designed lasers or near infrared light to gently warm up the eyelids, causing the meibomian glands to unclog and release oils needed to keep eyes well lubricated, healthy, and comfortable. The mechanism by which it works is called photobiomodulation, which also has other beneficial effects to the skin surrounding the eyes, cheeks and forehead. 



How does it work? 

The Equinox Light Therapy system, unlike other methods of light therapy, treats both the upper and lower eyelids simultaneously, as well as forehead, periorbital area, and upper cheek areas. The mechanism is called photobiomodulation. The near infrared light penetrates deep into the skin, liquifies the sebum in the meibomian gland, increases circulation, and reduces inflammation. Based on your unique needs, Dr. Reese will examine the severity of your condition and develop a personalized treatment strategy. 


A light source is placed near or in contact with the skin, allowing the near infrared light energy to penetrate tissue where it interacts with chromophores located in cells resulting in photophysical and photochemical changes at the cellular level. Light induces a complex chain of physiological reactions in diseased and damaged tissues to accelerate wound healing and tissue regeneration, increase circulation, reduce acute inflammation, reduce acute and chronic pain, and help restore normal cellular function. Interestingly, recent research indicates that light can also enhance performance in normal tissues and cells.

1. American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery 


How will it benefit me? 

The Equinox Light Therapy system delivers blue and red energy to the tissue for therapeutic benefits. Research has shown that red penetrates deep into the dermal layer to activate fibroblasts and increase circulation. This can improve tear gland function, heal wounds, reduce inflammation, and improve cell metabolism for healthier looking skin. 


Ask us about how Equinox Light Therapy can treat your eye condition and enhance your quality of life. Dr. Reese and the caring and knowledgeable staff at Premier Dry Eye Clinic are always here to help patients experience the best vision care and treatments possible.

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